Marco Rubio’s boots causes online jokes

Marco Rubio’s boots causes online jokes

Los Angeles (ENTRAVISION) .- Republican candidate Marco Rubio captivated the media and social networks during his last visit to New Hampshire, but not for his political proposals, but his heels.

A reporter from the New York Times noticed the boots – and the considerable height of his heel – and posted a photo that quickly took over the networks.

Along with the comical comments of the candidate’s fashion sense, speculation arose in regards to the cost of the footwear. Vanity Fair published that the shoes could be Georgio Brutini boots, which run about $85, or possibly Tom Ford which costs $1,990.

Meanwhile, fashion magazine The Cut; believe they are Maison Margiela boots which run about $995, favorite of Harry Styles, from the group One Direction.


Texas Senator Ted Cruz, one of Rubio’s biggest rivals in the race for the White House, did not miss this opportunity to mock the candidate.

His Communication Director, Rick Tyler, quickly reacted to the photo tweeting: “A vote for Marco Rubio is a vote for the men’s high-heeled booties.”

Presidential candidate Rand Paul also tweeted today about the boots before his appearance on the morning show The View: “I was in Whoopi Goldberg’s dressing room picking out new show shoes.  Eat your heart out Marco Rubio!”